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Inline Cylindrical Drippers

Round Dripper with Dia 12 mm

Inline Cylindrical Drippers

Round Dripper with Dia 16 mm

Inline Flat Dripper

A flow rate of 2 LPH

Inline Flat Dripper

A flow rate of 4 LPH


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FlexiTuff Drippers, the best drip irrigation system provider, offers valuable drip irrigation supplies, pressure compensating drippers, and equipment to individuals needing to harvest the savings and advantages of employing drip irrigation. This is a simple method to save time, water and cash. It employs up to 30 to 50% less water over predictable irrigation processes. Considered by many to be the world’s very valuable expansion in drip irrigation, agriculture, is the main thing to water management. As an outcome of its water-saving impact, the utilization is less costly, greener, and, if set up on time, a plant-saving alternative for watering. It may be fixed using community water and wells, plus rain-catchment resources.

We are leading drip manufacturer and dealers. Our products are best for speculation by farmers. They offer advantages of irrigation methods at reasonable costs. Our products are very gainful in comparison to the conventional irrigation arrangements. This has been attained through modernism and product attainment.

Our aim is to offer this novel affordable drip irrigation method to all farmers crossways the world and assist with its implementation, and thus contributing to sustainable agriculture coming out in water-saving, food safety and primarily making agriculture profitable for small farm holders.

FlexiTuff Drippers offers a range of products like an inline dripper, drip equipment, round dripper, dripper mould, and flat dripper all of which include the best value plan to the farmers.

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Flexituff has a production capacity of over 1 Billion NPC Drippers per annum . It is also India’s First Flat Dripper manufacturer catering to over 80% of India’s demand for flat drippers. Produced on quality machines from Switzerland, these Inline Drippers are supplied to Drip Irrigation Pipe Manufacturers world over.

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What indeed sets Flexituff apart is not its 100% integrated in-house production, mammoth capacity off world’s largest clean-room facility, Global Quality Accreditations, or Research-led technology-intensive products but the commitment to total customer satisfaction made possible by sheer dedication of the Team Flexituff.