The Leadership that Inspires

Team Flexituff’s commitment stems less from the mammoth manufacturing facilities it possesses and more from our 7000 strong work force. Nothing defines Flexituff better than its people. Young in outlook and rich in experience, Team Flexituff strives for total customer satisfaction, continuous improvement in quality and delivering ever larger value to its buyers. Despite the over arching team spirit that prevails at Flexituff, we believe, commitment to customers begins with the individual. Although, our team works like a well greased machine, it is the individuals – the cogs, who fuel its driving commitment to quality and responsiveness.


Devakshi Kalani, Promotor

The force behind Flexituff -Dripper’s success and popularity is the sharp entrepreneurial sense of Devakshi Kalani. With the versatility of her education in business from Babson College, USA and Oxford University, England she has been a keen business woman and a perfect marketing help for the company. As a leader, Devakshi has undertaken many projects and have had been successfully accomplished in making Flexituff a renowned name in the competitive product market. Known in various profiles, such as, a humanitarian , educationist, entrepreneur; in her free time she enjoys travelling and reading.

Saravanan P.S.

With an experience of more that twenty five years in Plastic Processing Industries especially in Commodity Plastics, Saravanan is associated with Flexituff Ventures since 2010. He developed and heading the dripper division in Flexituff Ventures. He is quite creative, innovative and tech-savvy.

atul awasa

Atul Asawa

The prolific qualities in Mr. Atul Asawa have assisted Flexituff to the zenith of triumphs. As a member of Institute of Charted Accountants and of Institute of Company Secretary, Atul has mastered in organizational work. He is associated with Flexituff since 2007 and has been a collaborative head at the unit of Flexituff Ventures Kashipur Operation. Having an ingenious skill in photography, Atul loves to travel and click photographs.

The Quality Mantra

Flexituff renders to produce and deliver the top-most quality products to our clients not only for their satisfaction but for ours too. Our principal belief is client’s goodwill and content, thereby, to achieve that we design our products in a way that they reach the standard quality status.

Quality Certifications

Awarded by D&B


To transcend horizons and develop the best products which bring a righteous change across the world.


To foster the foremost services that inflates the requirements and uses of sustainable products for all our associates.


Client focused | Open communication | Constantly striving for innovation | Uncompromising quality | Receptive to change | People-friendly | Trust and credibility

At any given time, team Flexituff is traveling to be closer to you. No distance is too large when it comes to knowing your needs.

The Edge of Integration, Innovation and Excellence

What indeed sets Flexituff apart is not its 100% integrated in-house production, mammoth capacity off world’s largest clean-room facility, Global Quality Accreditations, or Research-led technology-intensive products but the commitment to total customer satisfaction made possible by sheer dedication of the Team Flexituff.